Carbon Steel Wire -
Second Choice Quality

We are a top level supplier and exporter of carbon steel wire. (secondary, second choice, and overstock prime condition) We work with the largest carbon steel wire producers in North America, and ship to our customers around the world.

Carbon steel wire comes in a wide range of diameters, coatings, hardness, and tensile. To name a few we offer bright basic wire, oil tempered wire, strapping wire, music wire, galvanized carbon wire, PC wire and more.

We only specialize in secondary and second choice quality carbon wire, and our prices are much lower than ordering custom prime. (and our wire is usually prime condition) Because of this, several of our end users are able to repurpose our wire to make products that otherwise would not be viable. Other customers simply see larger profit margins buying our wire at wholesale prices. Either way it’s a win win for us and our customers.

Below are links to our most typical carbon steel wire products, please contact us at anytime with your inquiries.
Secondary Carbon Steel Wire

 Secondary Aluminum Clad Steel Wire

Secondary Carbon Steel Wire

 Secondary PC Steel Wire
 (Single Filament, 7x1, 19x1)

Secondary Carbon Steel Wire Products:

(secondary grade / second choice quality / overstock prime)

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